Fall Skincare Swaps.

Real talk: Even though beach and bikini season are ending, I’m pretty excited about the humidity going away. Nothing is more annoying than actually spending time putting on makeup and lotions and then having it all melt of 15 minutes later. In my opinion, it’s a good time to start focusing on using stronger anti-aging products instead of focusing on SPF at all turns.

Since things won’t melt off you face, you can layer on your serums, just like your favorite sweaters. As the humidity drops and it begins to get cooler, I’ll start to bust out my beloved leather jacket, flat booties, and begin to swap my skincare because instead of protecting my skin from the sun, I need to protect my skin from the dropping temperatures and potential dryness.


It’s a good time to start spending more time washing with a richer, thicker cleanser. In my opinion, a cleansing balm is the way to go. With this one, a tiny little bit goes a long way. I put on less than a teaspoon, and make a nightly ritual out of massaging my face and generating warmth. Then, I use a soft microfiber towel to wipe everything off. Gone is my makeup, sweat and any other grime my skin picks up walking around NYC.


You might not need to buff off chlorine residue and layers of SPF once the leaves start to change colors, but regular exfoliation is still key to a clear complexion (fall comes with its own pore-clogging culprits). I think once a week is perfect. I use this one with natural jojoba beads and coconut oil for a one-two punch of exfoliation and moisture. 


A toner is like a palette cleanser for your face—and it should never be alcohol based. In the Fall, transition to a hydrating toner that preps your skin to seep up the products. I like Beautycounter’s Mists a lot. If you are looking to even your skintone, choose No1. If you’re mostly concerned with hydration No2 is your gal. If you have “angry skin” that you need to calm down, I’d go with No3. And last, but certainly not least, I carry the Rosewater Mist with me pretty much everywhere and use it to revive my makeup midday.


While you might have swapped a heavy moisturizer for something lighter this summer—or just used your serums to hydrate—the fall and winter calls for something with more oomph. Consider switching to an oil that is more protective in the colder weather.Use your oil, then your moisturizer. 


Anything hydrating is going to be a good call this time of year. I usethis mask once a week. It smells slightly minty and leaves my skin looking oh so polished. My skin is acne-prone, so I need the balancing help, but if you’re looking for something to pump or hydrate, check these out too! 


Anna Glennon