Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up

I’ve gotten a few inquiries about how our family does Thanksgiving. The important thing to note is that Thanksgiving isn’t a 1 day event in our house. We all arrive Tuesday night, and the cooking begins Wednesday. We plan out not just the Thanksgiving meal, but all meals surrounding the Thanksgiving meal. It’s basically my dream come true. A full week’s worth of delightful cooking for people I love.

This year, we’re having things like Steak Fajitas and Beef Chili in the meals surrounding Thanksgiving, to give our palettes a little break from the sugar and spice flavors of the Big Day. We try to balance family favorites that bring emotional joy and memories to the table, with our updated favorites that are healthier and just as flavorful.

In case you’re curious, here’s a menu breakdown of our table on the Big Day:

In case your tastes are different or you’re looking for even more inspiration, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite recipes from across the web. I hope you have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving, with those you love and cherish.

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Gluten Free Holiday Appetizers


Gluten Free Holiday Main Courses

Gluten Free Holiday Vegetable Side Dishes

Gluten Free Holiday Desserts

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