Third Trimester Recap (First Half)

I wanted to start doing monthly recaps once I hit the third trimester, and no surprise to anyone, I’m a liiiiiiiiiiittle behind, but hopefully it’s still fun! In this post I’ll recap weeks 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33.

This gorgeous bra  is a nursing bra! Stephanie from Journelle helped me pick it out and fit it properly.

This gorgeous bra is a nursing bra! Stephanie from Journelle helped me pick it out and fit it properly.

The Important Dates

Honestly, there were far fewer key dates in this trimester! These last couple months were marked by feeling the baby move more than ever (my favorite), doctor’s appointments that are now every other week, and a body that keeps making room for our growing baby.

How My Body is Changing

My first thought is Holy Belly! This belly has done some serious growing in the past few weeks. I’m really happy to give the baby all the space it needs to grow and grow, but it’s hard to imagine continuing at this growth rate for another 7 weeks!

Overall, my body changes in this 3rd trimester resulted in a larger frame (obviously), with some minor discomforts (I'll go over those next), but a knowledge that the end is near and that I'd endure it all (+ SO MUCH more) for this little nugget.

Also, holy boobs. I was so lucky that Journelle (a sweet lingerie chain in NYC) contacted me and asked if I’d like to come in for a maternity bra and nursing bra fitting. They have a beautiful collection of bras, underwear and cozy PJ’s for pregnant women and new moms, and I couldn’t wait to take them up on their offer!

I learned a LOT about what to expect in the next few weeks, and in the first few weeks postpartum, and they were able to help me pick out some things that are workable now, but also leave room for milk coming in in a few weeks. I HIGHLY recommend going in for a fitting if you’re pregnant because some things have to fit perfectly in order to be wearable during breastfeeding.

Current Symptoms

SO, here are some of what I've experienced this trimester:

  • Rib Pain and Dislocation- sounds super fun, right? I assure you it is not. But everything in my abdomen is moving and shaking to make room for this little one, so for me, that has meant ribs popping out of where they connect to my spine which results in some burning across my upper abdomen that wraps around to pain below my rib cage in the back. Basically, when this happens, I go to the physical therapist or chiropractor, and they press slowly until the rib moves back in. It is exactly as delightful as it sounds. The only benefit is that it really does feel instantly better.

  • Swelling – my feet are getting a little puffy by the end of the day, especially if I don’t prop them up at all. I have a few pairs of shoes that are just plain uncomfortable at this point, so I’ve been doing a lot more sneakers and uggs.

  • Hard to Get Out of Bed: maybe our bed is just too high off the ground, or maybe it’s the heavier belly, but at night time when my belly is especially large, it’s getting hard to roll over and get out of bed!

  • Frequent Urination – just when I thought I couldn’t possibly have to go to the bathroom more frequently, I do. All it really means is that the baby is larger and pushing on my bladder, making me have to use the restroom more often than before. It's not a big deal, and the PT has been showing me exercises to help me support my bladder, which has made a HUGE difference.

  • Still Lots of Energy – I'm thrilled to report that my energy levels are still nice and high!

  • Sweaty – sorry for the overshare, but I'd want to know! In pregnancy, most women retain a lot more water than usual. Then, in the days/weeks after we deliver, we actually wind up sweating out a lot of this excess water. Maybe my body is just getting a head start, but goodness my hands and feet are much sweatier than usual. I should also note that this is happened during the dead of winter, in case you're wondering. Also, I am just hot. ALL. THE. TIME.

  • Nose Things: I’ve been getting frequent bloody noses and my nose feels stuffy a LOT. It might be winter, it might be hormones and increased blood volume. The humidifier and sticky nasal strips are helping.

State of Emotions

  • Anxiety: the only real anxiety I’m having is if the baby comes early. I am oddly more prepared to go to 42 weeks, than I am to deliver at 37. Three weeks from now feels daunting.

  • Thankful –I'm so thankful for this incredible little soul we get to welcome to the world, thankful for the most amazing husband/best friend to partner with in this adventure-- I'm literally brought to tears every time I think about Michael becoming a dad.  I’m so thankful for phenomenal parents (on both our sides) who can't wait to help be a part of this little’s life, and so thankful for an easy, healthy journey for both baby and myself. I'm also incredibly thankful for YOU! Thank you for your prayers and well-wishes. They truly mean a lot. None of this is a given and is most definitely not taken for granted.

Highlights of the Month:

We’re starting to get the baby’s room ready to go and it feels really good. Also, I went to a breastfeeding class that felt really empowering and exciting. I’m glad to know who to call if I am experiencing any issues with breastfeeding.

We’ve started to pack hospital bags, and build a registry. Is anyone interested to read those if I post about them and what choices we made and why?

Eating Mostly…

·         Still lots of fruit! Lots of citrus (still), lots of pomegranate seeds!

·         More red meat. Before pregnancy, I feel like we ate chicken 4-5 nights a week. Not that chicken is grossing me out any more like it was in the first trimester, but I’ve definitely been craving more beef and pork. Maybe it’s the iron?

·         Plenty of leafy greens! My favorite way to enjoy leafy greens is via my lemony kale recipe. It’s a simple assembly of kale (curly or dino, doesn’t matter) lightly sautéed in cooking fat (bacon fat is my favorite) until it’s wilted down. Sprinkle with sea salt and fresh lemon juice and enjoy.

·         Tobasco sauce. Not a food exactly, but at the rate I’ve been eating it, it might count for caloric intake.

Not Eating…

  • Alcohol – I’ve had a glass of wine here or there, but for the most part don’t miss it

  • Excessive caffeine – I still have 1 cup of regular coffee a day and the occasional decaf cappuccino.

  • Potentially questionable proteins – like sushi in a landlocked city or too-pink burgers at restaurants.

  • High-mercury foods – think shark, swordfish, or an excessive amount of tuna.

Fitness Gameplan

I’ve been spinning, lifting weights, or doing at home HIIT workouts pretty regularly. Still hitting some Orange Theory and Brick classes, but I can start to feel myself slowing down. It’s also getting harder and harder to breathe as baby moves further up and my lungs are getting squashed. I’ve been taking more breaks, and just going slower in general. And DRASTICALLY changed the positioning of the spin bike. Also, walking.

Neatest Moment

The best is the amount of movement I get to feel these days. You can actually see when the baby moves and kicks now. My favorite was I once was reading a book and resting my arms on my belly. Apparently, baby didn’t like me taking up space, so it kicked so hard, my arms and BOOK went flying upwards!

Least-Favorite Part of the Trimester

Probably the ribs dislocating.


I hope you enjoyed these trimester updates! I think I’ll have one or two more before our big day, and plan to share a birth story, “What’s in my hospital bag,” and maybe a 4th trimester recap.

With Love and Lettuce,


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